Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zane is the Name!

Well, the title of this post says it all! After much too much time deliberating, we finally decided. Actually Jody said to Mike, "The boy needs to be named." Mike said, "Okay, you do it." Well, actually there was a little more said than that, but I'm sure you all get the point.
We actually really like his Vietnamese name (Danh, pronounced Yawn). Jody was beginning to feel a bit like Grammy Gigs (Yanic, Danh, whatever your name is....get over here!).
We are all settling in and the little guy fits in so well it has become difficult to imagine what our family was like before he arrived. He still loves food and goes up to the refridgerator about 12 times a day and gives it a good kick. Maybe he is expecting it to pop open. He does "the yoghurt dance" several times a day. It is STILL his favorite food. He also loves his swimming lessons. His favorite part of the lesson is when the instructor dunks him under. Mommy doesn't quite do it right! Yanic loved this too when he was a tiny tot swimmer. No, Mommy didn't do it the right way then either!
Thank you all for following us on our journey. We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed adding our journal entries and reading your comments. Take care, The Boulet 5

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Boulet 5 are HOME!!

We are home and almost normal....no laughing here! We arrived home on Tuesday afternoon, tired and worn down. We decided to call Jody's sister and parents over to surprise them. Nobody knew that we were home yet! They all came right over to be greeted by the little guy with big hugs and kisses. They were very shocked at how well he is adjusting to a new, very different life.
He is doing very well. Not quite loving the fact that he has a huge bed and a room to himself. Putting him to bed can be quite a challenge, especially for Jody. He is getting better about this every day. He is beginning to eat "American" food a little better. He is still holding it in his mouth all chewed up for a very long time. He likes it, says, "Yummm" and chews happily. He just prefers to hold it there. Maybe he thinks he'll make it last a little longer. It will take a little while to convince him that the food supply won't end anytime soon. He had Daddy's crepes yesterday with maple syrup and nutella. He seemed quite smitten with his plate and they all went down really well. He even experienced his first visit to the gym daycare yesterday. He did well! Jody was so happy to be able to work out again after being away and eating so much for all the time we were gone. He is very happy about having an ample clothing supply and many, many pairs of SHOES ("that's my boy", says Jody). It is just going to take a little time to get him to walk in them without tripping. It is so nice to be home and be working toward starting our routine.
Levi, as you all can imagine, was very happy to see us all! He was very well taken care of by our fabulous neighbor, Walter. He was excited about the potential of having another face to lick, another body to throw the tennis ball.... The little guy on the other hand screamed bloody murder upon meeting Levi. It will take some time, but they will be best buds too. The little guy is enjoying throwing the tennis ball for Levi, which makes Levi a very happy dog!
Sophie and Yanic went back to school Wednesday morning. They were both very tired though they did make it through the day. We have decided to take most of the week off from all of our activities until we can get a little more adjusted. Sophie is very excited to get back into the gym and flip around again. Yanic is excited to get back to karate and swimming. He really needs to get that energy out!! The little guy also begins swimming lessons next week. He will probably love this because he was so happy with hotel pools.
We are soo happy to be home and excited for you all to meet our little unnamed boy. By the way, Mike and Jody have given themselves to the end of the weekend to name him. Check back soon to find out and in the mean time.... please send suggestions directly to the comments area of this site! Help!! Until next time, Les Voyages Boulet has landed home!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Walking In Old Hanoi, 36 Hour Birthday, 4 Shrimp Eyes But Pass On The Hornet Larvae!

Started the day by passing some time walking around in old Hanoi again. Since Yanic has been asking me constantly for last week if various objects were stronger than metal, I decided to start the day in the blacksmith section of old Hanoi. We watched people with minimal clothing (shorts) and barefoot of just simple sandals forge metal. Yanic and Sophie were quite interested in watching the square metal change shape into a pointed fence part. One of the blacksmiths gave Yanic his hammer so that he could give it a try himself. The tool probably weighed half as much as he did so needless to say he had a hard time picking it up!
Found a relatively hidden market buried in the old quarter. Always interesting to walk around a market in Vietnam, especially to see the various things that become supper! Saw pig feet and tongues, any imaginable organ of various animals, a basket full of toads and fruits and vegetables or all colors and shapes. A little later in our walk we saw a group of men that were removing hornets and hornet larvae from a section of nest that they had. Most of the hornets appeared to be dead but the larvae were alive a wiggling! They had accumulated quite a jar of larvae that I suspect was going to be fried and eaten. They offered Yanic a larvae to eat but unbelievably hey declined! We could not believe that he turned down an opportunity to provide us with a little food shock! They also had next to them on the back of their motorbike a net full of large, live hornets and a section of nest.
Went out with the other adoptive family that we have spent the last 3 weeks with to do an early little celebration for Sophie's 9th birthday. She wanted sushi at a Japanese steakhouse, so we found a choice and headed there. Got to the restaurant and there was at least a 30 minute wait so we decided to walk around to kill a little time and just happened to find another Japanese choice just around the corner. Had a nice enjoyable meal with our family and friends, now back at the hotel for hopefully the last night! Soon the Boulet 5 will have their newest American citizen in the fold, just have to clear customs in the US with the ultra secret, don't break the seal or open package of paperwork that the embassy has you hand carry with you back. Mike writing for 4 other family members that are trying to get to sleep!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hanoi at Night, Scaling the Crib, & "Baby Thongs" & Captain Underpants

We are coming to a close on our journey to Viet Nam. We are happy (obviously) with the results and very happy to be able to introduce our new son to you all when we finally return. We are also very excited to (after a long while) finally be heading home. This time we've decided not to venture to Sa Pa or any other far(ish) destination. We'll save it for the next trip...yes, there will be one!
We walked around the old part of Hanoi today. We (again) ate some ice cream. The kids think everyday needs to have three things: ice cream, soda, and swimming pools. We are happy to say that life will go back to normal when we get home.
We walked around Hoan Kiem Lake today. Mike and Jody debated as to where the slalom ski course should go. It is totally skiiable and very tempting. The only catch was no motor boats are allowed. I'm sure they wouldn't make exceptions for a Malibu ski boat.
We went to an English bookstore to replenish our reading supply for the ride home. The kids were very happy to purchase not one but two Captain Underpants series books. One of the books was about "Professor Poopy-pants", how great! Potty talk with no consequences?! We went to the local grocery store and bought more diapers. When we got back to the hotel we discovered they weren't quite the right fit. More like baby thongs. The little guy didn't mind (he never does).
Yanic also was indulged with a little "illegal action" today: a motor bike ride. He was happy and especially happy to report (er, rat out Daddy) to Mommy. You can imagine how happy she was. Someone has to keep Mike in line!
The little guy is such a good climber, I really must say. He loves climbing in and out of his crib in the hotel room. I am not sure how he will react when he gets home and realises that he has a queen size. Maybe he will learn to climb a jungle gym with Sophie (our resident climber).
We had dinner with our friends from California who are here with us adopting. It was a really nice dinner. The little (or should I say big?) guy ate so much that his milk was coming back out of his mouth. The funny thing was, he kept putting more in until I took it away (not happy). We walked around the old part of the city a little bit after. Hanoi is growing on us a little more this time...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Peaceful Perfume Pagoda

Today we went to Perfume Pagoda. This is an incredibly beautiful spot that takes a few mediums of transportation to get to. First, we went by van from Ha Noi for just under 2 hrs. Next, we were rowed in a little boat along the river (overlooking mountains) to the pagodas. We took short walk next and arrived at the tram. It was really something! Yanic, of course just loved that part. Coming from Maine, we have never seen these used anyplace other than at Sugarloaf or another big ski mountain. It was a beautiful ride up as we overlooked the mountains, taro farms, pagodas, and people working in the field way down below. The Perfume Pagoda was in a large cave that you had to take stairs into. Yes, there were bats! The pagoda itself was also very unique as it was literally in the mountain. We walked along and found all of the different altars, lit inscense for those loved ones that have passed, and made wishes on a the "tree of gold." This was just a lightly colored cave formation. The kids really enjoyed it. Little Brother really likes jumping down stairs and he didn't really care much about anything else. The little guy actually yelled for a taxi a couple of times while in the tram. This was really funny because there were no motorbikes, no taxis, no HORNS! Such a peaceful day with out the horns.

On the way back, while paddling down the river, we saw some people working. One group of fishermen really caught our eyes. They had small metal fishing nets on a long pole that was connected to a battery in their boat. The were shocking the fish to catch them! It brought Jody back to her childhood of catching night crawlers in the garden at night with her father and grandfather with an electric pitch fork! Jody will tell you for sure that there is a sharp electric current that comes out of there!!

We have our last item of official business tomorrow afternoon. We have to then wait for the processing before we can leave. New departure date for us is next Tuesday the 19th. We are still debating on what to do for the weekend. We are still thinking of taking the train to Sa Pa. it is a long journey that will need to include spending a night on the train in to get there and another on the return end. We will keep you posted as to how our meeting goes and what we decide to do for the weekend. Until next time... the Boulet 5!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Delhi Belly & Delays

Yes folks, it's true...we are here for yet another week. Our interview that we thought would be early this week was held up and will be on Friday. This means we need to stay here for that to be processed before we leave, which puts us to next Wednesday the 20th (Tuesday the 19th if we are lucky). We have decided to make the most of it... as you knew we would! We are exploring our options for outside travel this weekend. We will keep you posted on where whe end up going.
Jody spent yesterday in bed. It seems that she ate something that she shouldn't have. Doing better today and glad that yesterday is gone!! It seems that she gets tangled up with something with each trip. One of these days she will follow Mike's advice and eat french fries and nothing funky.
Mike took Sophie and Yanic to the "Hanoi Hilton" yesterday while Jody & Baby Brother napped. This is a prison used in the war for American Soldiers. Yanic was really interested, of course. Yanic couldn't wait to tell me all about it.
We're posting another pic from Halong Bay. It was such a beautiful trip! We are also posting one of Sophie and Yanic's finer moments. We hope that you enjyoy! Love, the Boulet 5

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hanoi, Halong Bay....Delay?

We are now in Ha Noi. We all went to the water puppet show last night ( www.thanglongwaterpuppet.org ). The little guy clapped his hands and had his eyes glued to the show. It was a real hit!! Yanic especially liked the fire crackers... imagine that!?
Today we went to Halong Bay. We rode around in a boat for about 4 hours. It was beautiful. We had a nice lunch of seafood (local foods) and it was really a feast. Yanic ate his usual eyeball treat (this time, a crab was the victim). We were able to go walk into caves and see cave formations. It was really incredible. Again, with the kids it was a hit! We also think we may have a Christmas card in the making....
It looks like we may be delayed getting back. We are not sure yet. We will know more later on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will keep you posted. One way or another, we will be home soon! Love to you all, The Boulets